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Deportation Lawyer in Fresno, CA

You have been notified you must leave the country, but your family, work, and life are here. You need a capable deportation lawyer in Fresno, CA, from Sarwinder Singh Dhanjan Law Firm to figure out a course of action. Our immigration lawyer has years of experience in assisting people to meet challenges just like the one you are facing right now.

Postponing Deportation for U.S. Citizenship Cases

You are a naturalized American citizen who has planned to live in this country for your entire life, but suddenly things look grim. You are involved in a situation where U.S. citizenship cases are challenged. Your citizenship has been revoked and you are facing deportation. Ask our naturalization attorney to help you understand what is happening and what you can do about it. 

This is a rare occurrence, which makes it even more important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Let us work to delay or postpone deportation so that we can look into the specifics and make a case that enables you to keep your citizenship and remain in the United States.

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Such an alarming and serious matter must be handled by a skilled deportation attorney. Count on Mr. Dhanjan to get to the root of the problem and seek a solution. There are a number of ways to postpone a deportation date while we investigate the matter and work with the federal agencies involved. Request a free consultation with our attorney to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

File an Immigration Appeal within 30 Days

Feel confident that our immigration appeals lawyer possesses extensive knowledge of the law as it applies to your case. Reach out to our law firm for help and we respond with urgency. You have 30 days to file an immigration appeal and during this time, you cannot be deported. While the clock is ticking, we are doing the research and developing a strategy that leads to a positive outcome for you.

Immigration Appeals Lawyer Keeps Your Best Interests in Mind

An appeal is one way to delay an order for deportation; a motion to reopen is another. With a motion, you have the opportunity to introduce new information that may change the judge's mind. Let us take the facts of your case and recommend a course of legal action that is right for your situation. There are a number of legal reasons and means to postpone a deportation. Count on us to act with your best interests in mind.

Contact us today to postpone a deportation order while we work on an appeal. Our immigration law firm serves clients from Fresno, Madera, Visalia, Clovis, and Selma, California.